Stay at Carmen’s place in Santa Cruz de Bezana, Spain (No payment)

We are a family of 4 persons, living in harmony, there are no arguments, no shouting, no stress, which I think is one of the most important things when sharing a house.

I have a B.A. degree in Hispanics (language and linguistics) and I did several postgraduate courses to specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, I also studied French, Italian and English and I’ve been abroad, working and studying for about 8 years.  My husband, Cesar, works for an army department “Guardia civil”.

We have 2 children, Mario and Micaela. Right now, bringing up my children is my main priority and it will be until Micaela will be 3, so in the next 18 months I’ll be at home.

We are looking to accommodate a native English speaker girl, non smoker, and the only commitment I want is that the person interacts with the children at least 2 hours per day, while they are having tea or just after, when it is time to play or they get ready to bed, reading a story… not necessarily 2 hours one after the other, children are unpredictable,  but short times during the day like 15′ now and another 15′ when they are ready to listen again… just like they learn their mother tongue, nothing to do with conventional class.

I’m not looking for someone to look after them,  I’m just fully aware that the right time to learn a language, instinctively and without any effort, is from 0 to 7 when the brain language structures are still developing.

If the person lives with us those 2 hours can be filled up all along the day easily and that would allow the person to have her life, if she wants to do other things, she will feel free to do it. I would say she only has to speak in English when the children will be there.

Ideal Guest:

The ideal person must like children, be calm, easy going, non smoker, likes nature, sport, music, literature, in other words with sense and sensibility.

I’ll prefer a person who can take at least 6 months commitment.

I’d like to have you as if a member of my family, taking you around, showing the most beautiful and interesting places of my region and providing you accommodation and self-catering if necessary.


If the person wants to eat with us, wonderful! We cook everyday healthy and fresh food, but if she likes other things and she want to eat apart, she will have to cook her own things and buy them if they are special things.


Obviously like someone who shares a house she will have to share the duties: the only thing she has to do is to clean her room, her bath, to do her laundry, and if she cooks for her, clean up what she messes if she eats with us, she will help to tidy up the kitchen like we all do. I mean, i want someone to take her as any other in the family but , I do not want another child to look after. 🙂

FEES:  Nothing, but just speak English with my children, interact with them, to read, play, 2 hours commitment a day from Mon to Fri and speak English with us when the children are present.


More about us:

  • We love nature, going for walks, going for a bike ride, we recycle
  • Currently I’m studying to pass the C1 Cambridge English Exam. I also go once a week to learn how to pattern designing and sewing and twice a week I go to Pilates
  • I love the beach and  i love swimming but right now I have no time for this
  • Cesar likes restoring: from an old chair, a lamp, a old piece of furniture….to an old car.
  • Twice a week we watch a movie together


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