NGO mobilizing communities towards sustainable development ($20/day)

NGO introduction

This is an autonomous, non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1996. Since its inception, it has collaborated with hundreds of  volunteers from all around the world on various programs pertaining to teaching in school, environmental awareness, empowerment of underprivileged children and youths, community support and health services.

Volunteer projects

Orphanage and child care workers

Volunteers, as a part of this project, work at  a childrens’ home, preparing the resident children to go to school, dropping them there, if needed and bringing them back to the home from their school. They will also teach English and other extra curricular activities in the school where the children study. Participants will assist the children in doing  their homework and will engage them in creative, constructive activities such as dancing, playing games, painting etc. Sometimes volunteers will take them for swimming, picnicing and fun-filled activities in places such as the zoo.

Healthcare assistants

In rural Nepal, most health-clinics are run by healthcare assistants, who hardly have any background in healthcare or social work. This is where international volunteers with a solid background in social work or healthcare practice may come in handy. Volunteers here are required to assist the in-house healthcare assistants with their daily chores such as checking patients, checking their bloodpressure and dressing minor wounds that dont need any major medical attention. These volunteers are also required to help in the mobile and outreach clinics.

Teaching English in monasteries

This project is mainly for those volunteers, who are looking for a rewarding, unforgettable experience in return of teaching English to monks in a local monastery. The monks usually study Buddhist as a major subject in Tibetan language. Some monasteries have an English subject curriculum. Following that will suffice, when it comes to teaching. Volunteers can also employ their own teaching methods. In monasteries that do not have any curriculum, volunteers are required to create their own lesson plans and resort to their own teaching methods to make learning a stimulating experience. Volunteers, who don’t have any teaching experience, will receive extensive training during their orientation.  Apart from teaching English, volunteers can also participate in  extra curricular activities such as story-telling, playing games with the little monks, dancing with them, performing simple magic tricks for them.

Teaching in local schools

As an integral part of this project, volunteers will be working either in public or private schools in rural and urban locations of Nepal. Volunteers will be mainly responsible for teaching English to school children for 2 to 4 periods a day. Each period lasts for 45 minutes. Most of the school children in private schools have a good command of the language. They just need to hone their English language skills. On the other hand, children studying in government schools have a basic understanding of the language. Usually in private school, each class is limited to 15 to 25 kids, whereas in government-funded schools, there can be more than 50 children in a class. These schools are usually concentrated in hilly areas.

Medical elective placement

As a part of this program, volunteers with a background in medical and health science as well as nursing, are placed in various government and private hospitals in Pokhara. Needless to say that government hospitals are less costly and hence, more accessible to people from all walks of life and hence, the scope of work in such hospitals is more. According to the specialisation and interest of the volunteers, they are placed in departments of their choice, which can range from  OPD, general surgical, ENT, cardiology to gynaecology, psychiatry . All volunteers will be under the supervision of an experienced, senior doctor and they will help him/her as and when required.

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NGO mobilizing communities towards sustainable development ($20/day)

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