An NGO committed to the development of rural India ($20/day)


This NGO is a non-political, non-profit organisation committed to the development of rural India. This organization came into being in October 1980 in a remote village of the Himalayan district of Shimla and is now headquartered in  Bandh, a small, time-warp village cradled by the Himalayas. This organization has partnered with various non-profit organizations from across the world on projects that aim at empowering villagers through education. The areas that this organization mainly focuses on are:

Sustainable management of natural resources

Promotion of rural technologies

Health care

Education and awareness generation

Micro-credit for village projects

Projects for volunteers

Environmental Management Program

You could be involved in activities such as design, construction, and cleaning of natural springs, ferro- cement tanks and other water harvesting and low cost constructions, tree planting, helping with education projects for children and women on safe water, ecology, and biodiversity.

Social Development Program

You could be involved in activities pertaining to organizing and strengthening women’s groups and enterprise establishments, socio-economic feasibility studies for micro-enterprises, educating children, and discussing environmental issues in villages.

Health and Sanitation Development Program

You could be involved in activities such as promoting the importance of personal hygiene, sanitary latrines, and clean water; educating mothers on balanced diet; first aid care and prevention of diseases; health check ups; cleaning of dispensaries/primary health centres; using waste bins.

Staff capacity building

Supporting and training the staff to make their work easier. This could include sharing knowledge via computer applications, English language assistance, creating promotional material for the volunteer programs, enhancing their website and general office support.


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An NGO committed to the development of rural India ($20/day)

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