Learn Spanish with Gustavo in Cusco, Peru ($15/hr)


About Gustavo

Hello, my name’s Gustavo. I’m a Certified Teacher, Systems Engineer and a native Spanish speaker from Cusco, Peru.

As a certified teacher for teaching (TKT Cambridge Certification), I have experience in language and background to language learning and teaching. I also have experience and knowledge about lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching.

I’ve been teaching in classrooms for years and I know that there are many learning styles that the learners can have, that’s why I adapt my teaching at the characteristics of learner’s learning style.

I’ve been teaching to one-on-one, small and large groups of students with different level of knowledge, for this reason, I’m very patient and collaborative in my classes.

I also have a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology (Systems Engineer), so I have wide experience on this topics because I’ve been working for many years in this area too. If you need to learn technical language and vocabulary about Computer Science and Technology, I can help you gladly. Just let me know.

Spanish learners of all levels are always welcome.

Time for lessons

In the afternoon, evening, night.

Place for lessons

At a café


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