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About : I am well qualified for this position possessing the Teaching Italian Foreign Language Certificate (DITALS II), having attended the training courses for teaching Italian to foreign students at Torre di Babele Institute and DILIT International House in Rome and a Bachelor’s degree in Oriental Languages and Culture.

Experience:  I’m studying for my master’s degree in teaching Italian.  Currently I’m working for Prolingua International as an Italian teacher at Pontificia Università Auxilium, in Rome where I cover the following areas:

  • General Italian; my method combines the teaching of grammatical and structural aspects of the language with activities for the development of communicative  competences.
  • Academic Italian; I’m working in a class of ten students who are preparing to take an Italian exam at the university. In addition to that I’m in charge of Travel Italian lessons.
  • Travel Italian classes are focused on specific needs of those students who are planning a vacation in Italy.

Time available:  in the afternoon

Place of classes: at a café or at tutor’s home

Suggested accommodation

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