Improve life quality in Colombia ($5/day)

We are a Colombian NGO that seeks to improve the quality of life by focusing on education, entrepreneurship, tourism and the health of Colombians and the Latin American people.

Our goal is to develop a better country for the future generations, working with victims of violence, inmigrants from Venezuela, and underpriviledged people from our country. We make projects based on education, enterpreneurship, health, and tourism.


We seek to improve the quality of English language learning in the region through support and training for teachers and students, through innovative and proven strategies and methodologies with help and agreements with different Colombian institutions and abroad.

Our mission is to help people to make a better Colombia. We have provided education to more than 400 kids and we have helped to create new generations with another way to see the world. We have got volunteers from different parts of the world who have made impact in our life and in the city life. With your actions, you will benefit not only of a city, but you will make happy a family, you will make happy a victim of the colombian violence and you will make an inmigrant feel welcome in that land that you will help build.

We also have the project of special educational needs that seeks to provide support to schools in the municipality of Villa del Rosario with children who present difficulties in classrooms, we also have talks focused on teaching children and parents about the good use of ICTs and social networks.

We have a group of small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of the municipality of Villa del Rosario who seek to position their products and services nationally and internationally.

We have campaigns of identity and sense of belonging of the municipalities and tourism products oriented, managed and sponsored by the NGO.

We have health brigades that allow access to people who do not have money to access a medical consultation, supporting migrants and low-income nationals.


Volunteer responsibilities:

  • the volunteers in the health mission have to assist and check the people with no health care required doctors and dentists
  • the volunteers in tourism teaching have to capacitate a group of entreprenours in new techniques and strategies to develope a solid industry in the city.



  • to be open to live a normal Colombian life


Program timeframe:

  • health – mission july -september 2017
  • tourism – teaching 2 months open all the year


Minimum stay: 1-2 months

Volunteering fee: $5/day

Fee includes: accomodation (in a normal and safe colombian house),  meals, recreation in the city and internet

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Improve life quality in Colombia ($5/day)

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