Import & Export internship in Kunming, China

Position title: Sales assistant; proofreader; office clerk

Company Introduction:
The company was founded in 2012. A leading enterprise in China’s agro-based industry, it is associated with the acquisition,processing, refrigeration, sale, export and import of agricultural products. The company sprawling across an area of 3000 square meter has one cold storage and one processing factory. It currently employs 300 workers, who manufacture all its products using advanced technology. Headquartered in Kunming, it enjoys all the modern amenities of the “Spring City”, which is the transportation hub of China’s Yunnan Province. The company specializes in the business of over 100 different kinds of vegetables which are well received in the markets of Australia, America and some Middle Eastern, African, European and Asian countries. The company’s extraordinary customer service has helped it carve a niche in the industry and earn considerable reputation throughout China.

Job Description:

Interns working at  the company will mainly be delegated with the responsibilities of a sales assistant, design and general office clerk. As a sales assistant, the intern will be mainly mailing customers and calling them. He/she will also be involved in activities related to overseas business development and delivery of goods. As proof-readers, interns will mainly be involved in proof-reading and editing the content of the company’s English website, contracts and other documents, where usage of impeccable English becomes imperative for the success of business and overseas business development. As office clerks, interns will be mainly involved in organizing the meetings of staffs, offering them lessons in English, answering important phone calls and purchasing office stationeries as and when required.

Suggested accommodation:

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Import & Export internship in Kunming, China

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