Help a school and improve the environment, Costa Rica ($60/day)

We are a non-profit organization with the highest level (5 leaves) of the Costa Rican Certification for Sustainable Tourism. Since 2003 we design and operate innovative, genuine off the tourist route experiences. We combine traditional ecotourism with community-based destinations, where visitors meet Costa Ricans who are conserving their forests and rivers and practicing sustainable agriculture. We plan adventurous, multifaceted, enjoyable and educational trips including safe and friendly tourism businesses in Costa Rica, encouraging a harmonious relationship between conservation, community development and ecotourism.

Our volunteering program

The community is located 7 kilometers north of Santa Rosa de Pocosol in the San Carlos district. We have a home for nearly 100 residents, the majority dedicated to cattle farming and dairy production. They integrate the daily rural life  with an attractive combination of cultural, environmental and agricultural activities.

This program benefits a variety of community institutions through student and volunteer visits, who by donating their time contribute to the development of our people. The projects aim to raise awareness among participants about the importance of adequate waste management, reforestation, planting, environmental protection, the conservation of traditions and values, and other elements of sustainable development.

Volunteer responsibilities

Volunteers will work at a school: Creating of murals, Construction of playgrounds, Realization of gardens, vegetable gardens, nursery gardens. Also, they could be involved in some agro-ecological activities: Improvement of the paths through the reserve, Manufacture of sustainable markers, Labeling of trees, or integral development activities: Manufacture of rubbish bins for the community, Improving the construction of the football soccer ground, Painting infrastructure.

Volunteer skills

Solidarity, respect, love of nature, and water, administrative and promotional skills.

What we offer to volunteers

This experience is complimented by basic “family stay” lodging and typical Costa Rican meals. All materials included.

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Help a school and improve the environment, Costa Rica ($60/day)

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