An NGO that empowers young women through Dance Movement Therapy ($10/day)

About This Non-Profit Organization

Dance Movement Therapy is now an alternative, ground-breaking approach used for counseling, psychosocial rehabilitation, self expression, and empowerment. This non-profit organization introduced the use of this method to reach out to the most vulnerable, marginalized and underprivileged and help them emerge as self-sufficient leaders in the long run.

Volunteer Project

This NGO works with diverse marginalized communities in collaboration with governmental and non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to empower young women, mostly survivors of trafficking to turn their lives around and stand on their own feet. This is probably the first non-profit organization that mastered the use of DMT, a psychotherapeutic tool to heal the victims of trafficking and help them find their voice through the same. Volunteers will help these girls release tension and restore their faith in life through therapeutic dance.


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An NGO that empowers young women through Dance Movement Therapy ($10/day)

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