An NGO fighting poverty, social and gender inequalities ($20/day)

Xploreo placement fee $185

About the organisation: This registered charitable organisation works to build a better society for everyone to live in, primarily focusing on socially disadvantaged and marginalized communities.Their aim is to combat hunger, malnutrition, disability, gender violence, and illiteracy that are still major problems in India.

Year founded: 2009
Number-of-staff: 15

Mission: Empowerment of mainly girls and women through education and capacity building

This NGO has parterned with the UN and other agencies, organizations and governments worldwide for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, conforming to the provisions of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Their aimss are:

To eradicate poverty and hunger in rural and semi-urban slum communities

To provide every child with acceptable and adequate education

To promote gender equality and empowerment of women and girls

To capacitate unskilled and unemployed youths, transforming them into indispensable partners in achieving the UNSDGs

To protect human rights and dignity, reducing all forms of inequalities

To foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth

Sustainable developments based on strengthened national and global solidarity

Volunteering Programs:  Programs pertaining to:

Educational Support

Health care

Early childhood care and development

Promotion and awareness creation

Prevention of child mortality ratio in urban slums, rural and indigenous communities

Economic Empowerment of women through womens’ clubs/ groups

Vocational / Income Generating Programms for girls, women and youths in general

Prenatal and Postnatal Health Care

Early Childhood care and development for women

Counselling and legal support for prevention and protection of women and girls

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteers are required to create and participate in intervention programs that aid in the empowerment and overall development of girls, women and youths in general through education, capacity building, awareness campaigns and health programs. Since the organization work with different target groups and partners, the possibilities are many. The volunteers/interns will assist teachers in the primary schools teaching language, maths, science, computers, etc. The volunteer can get involved in women empowerment projects such as skills training, micro-credit groups. The volunteer can be part of WASH projects at rural communities. They can also take part in rural development projects pertaining to the livelihoods, healthcare, literacy off villagers. When it comes to healthcare projects, the NGO can take advantage of volunteers who are nurses or are from similar backgrounds.

The volunteer can be a part of an environment project, cleaning up a river, creating environmental awareness among students through presentations and workshops.

Volunteer Skills:  You are expected to have the skills pertaining to:

Excellent communication

Excellent teaching

Excellent time-management

Excellent organizational

Excellent interpersonal

 The NGO does not look for any special professional skill in a volunteer or intern. However, it definitely expects for committed and socially responsible volunteers with a desire to contribute to the poor and needy through volunteering.

About the Volunteer Coordinator: Ravi Sebastian is a professional social worker with more than 15 years of experience as a project manager and volunteer guide. He holds a Masters in Social Work and Psychology. He is a wonderful guide, mentor team leader and human-being.

Program Timeframe: Recruitment happens all-year round

Minimum stay: 1 week

The $20/day fee includes:  Accommodation, registration, training in local language, training regarding the volunteer project, 24×7 support from the team of the NGO, guidance regarding securing visas, airport pick up, on-arrival orientation, and accommodation and logistic support during your stay, meals, local mentorship

Possible accommodation: Volunteers get accommodation within the project. Each volunteer is personally followed up with a local mentor and project team leader to support and help to itegrate with the project. This NGO will take care of registration of volunteers/interns on long term (more than six months) in India. They will guide you to get the right visa. Volunteers who are on long term, will get a training in local language. It will be provided free of cost. A well established network of project partners and professionally organised team are at your side to guide you and support you during your stay at this NGO. They will take care of your safety and privacy too. Dak Prescott Authentic Jersey

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An NGO fighting poverty, social and gender inequalities ($20/day)

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