Q. What if I don’t see anything interesting or what I am looking for?
A. Xploreo is a relatively new kid on the block. You can help us grow by telling us how we can find you an awesome experience abroad! Want to go volunteer in the rainforest or stay with a family in Thailand? Let us know. We can you hook you up, at no additional cost!

Q: Who are the language tutors?
A: The language tutors are native speakers from the country you are going to visit. Some of them may even be experienced language teachers.

Q: Who are the homestay families?
A: The homestay families are locals from the country you are planning to visit, who are willing to share their home with you.

Q: What does the price in the title refer to?

A: The price in the title refers to the amount of money the traveller has to pay to the volunteer site, homestay family, language tutor or internship company.

Q: Do I get paid for volunteering?

A: No, volunteering is by definition a work for which you receive no money incentives.

Q: Do I get a salary as an intern?

A: Please read carefully the description of each internship. If a salary is mentioned, then yes, you will get a salary.

Q: Will Xploreo help me get a visa?

A: Xploreo actually does not get involved in visas.  We just connect travelers with opportunities abroad.  It’s the responsibility of the traveler to make sure you are traveling on the appropriate visa.  You may discuss visas with the insider directly or research it on your own online.  For many countries (but not all), if the travel is NOT getting paid then a tourist visa is often alright.  But this varies country-by-country.  However for many countries, individuals on tourist visas are allowed to participate in uncompensated activities like volunteering and interning.  In you would like more clarity, it’s better to discuss with the organization directly or research the visa policies of the specific country you are considering visiting.

Q: Do you have to be a certain age to use Xploreo.com?

A: We require that all Xplorers be of at least 18 years of age. Xploreo is especially created for independent travelers who are comfortable landing somewhere new and exploring it without the (sometimes overbearing) hand of a (rather expensive) travel agent or third-party company. We allow travelers to directly connect with locals, without a middleman, and we believe anyone with their wits about them, over the age of 18, can and should engage in this kind of meaningful travel!

Q: How do I send a message to a host I’m interested in?
A: You can initiate a conversation by using the built-in messaging system on our website, which you can find by clicking on the “Contact the Insider” button. The host will receive an email that notifies them you want to talk. They will log in on xploreo.com and respond to your message.

Q: I contacted a provider but received no reply. What do I do?

A: Please note that the providers may take a while to answer, so allow them 3 working days to do that. In the meantime, we will also get in touch with them and make sure they got your message and will reply soon. Also, we recommend you try and contact more than one provider, to make sure you have more than one option.

Q: What personal information or contact details should I include in my message?
A: Please note that Xploreo policy states that no contact information (phone number, email address, website, social media addresses) should be provided before the transaction between parties is made. Once the transaction is completed, the above information can be disclosed. Not abiding by this policy will attract a sanction consisting of the user’s suspension from the website for a total of 30 days. We thank you for accepting our terms and look forward to a good partnership.  

Q: Is there a minimum/maximum time for an Xploreo experience?
A: Xploreo does not have any min/max stay requirements. There are a couple of factors that may impact how long you want to go for– 1) visa requirements for the country you want to travel to. 2) The length of time your local host is available for. If you want to go for longer than they are available for, try bridging multiple experiences together!

Q: Am I going to be verified? How?
A: We ask all xplorers to provide a government-issued identification. This ensures you are who you say you are. We take safety, for travelers and hosts, very seriously!

Q: How are language tutors verified?
A: Xploreo language tutors must pass a verification process that includes an interview before being able to post their services on the Xploreo website. We also offer a way for language tutors to upload relevant certifications and create a profile, so you can check out their credentials, and get to know them before you book.

Q: How are homestay hosts verified?
A: Homestay hosts are verified with identification checks and an interview process before posting on Xploreo.

Q: What should I do if I have a problem during my stay?
A: Please contact our team for any problems you might encounter and we will help to resolve them. If there is an immediate emergency, please directly contact the local authorities.

Q: Is my private information safe?
A: Most definitely. We make sure no one has access to your private information. All information and documents you provide are safely stored and secured by Xploreo. Your private information will never be shared with third parties.

Q: How do I know the NGO I choose to volunteer with via Xplroeo is legitimate?
A: All NGOs posted on xploreo.com go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure legitimacy and authenticity of need for volunteers.

Q: Is my information safe when sharing it with a host?
A: Our servers are secure, however please do not share other contact information with local hosts. All messaging and booking must take place on the Xploreo platform, per our Terms and Conditions.

Q: How is my booking confirmed?
A: After booking, you will shortly receive a confirmation on the email address you provided.

Q: How do I pay?
A: You can pay via PayPal or Stripe.

Q: How do you store my payment card details?
A: Your payment card details are stored according to PayPal and Stripe policies, and not on Xploreo.

Q: What does the price include?
A: This may vary from provider to provider, so make sure you check their profile and talk to them before making a booking, so you’ll know what you are paying for.

Q: Are there any separate charges?
A: This may vary depending on the provider, so make sure you ask them personally before making a booking.

Q: Can I cancel a booking?
A: You may, but you have to do it at least 7 days before the booking’s start date in order to receive a full refund. After that, if you require a refund, you must discuss it with your service provider.

Q: What happens if a host cancels my booking?
A: If you had already paid, you will be refunded. If not, you have to look for another host.

1Q: What happens if I decide to shorten or lengthen my stay?
A: Please refer to your host concerning this matter.