How Is Xploreo Volunteering Different?

You aren’t volunteering through Xploreo at all! The great majority of existing international volunteering options require you to first fork over a sizable amount of money to a volunteer “agent” in a different country than where you will actually go.

Xploreo flips the status quo voluntourism model on its head, putting the volunteer and the grassroots charity at the center.

Who is Xploreo Volunteering Best For?

A: We require that all Xplorers be of at least 18 years of age. Xploreo is especially created for independent travelers who are comfortable landing somewhere new and exploring it without the (sometimes overbearing) hand of a (rather expensive) travel agent or third-party company. We allow travelers to directly connect with locals, without a middleman, and we believe anyone with their wits about them, over the age of 18, can and should engage in this kind of meaningful travel!

Can I join a project if I don't have previous volunteering experience?

That depends on the terms of the NGO you choose. You will find their criteria listed on their profile.

Who are Xploreo NGOs? Are they Legit?

Xploreo NGOs must go through an application and rigorous vetting process in order to determine their legitimacy before receiving approval and being permitted to advertise for volunteers on Xploreo.

They are legit, and real people! We encourage Xplorers to reach out and start a conversation with potential NGO hosts on our messaging platform. Get to know them, let them get to know you. Only when you feel comfortable and ready to go, you can book on the Xploreo platform.

Why do you think the traditional model of voluntourism is broken?

The vast majority of volunteering abroad happens through third-party agencies. Why? Studying and volunteering abroad has taken a lot longer to evolve than most other industries. The “broker” or “agent” like the old school travel agent made your bookings, and collected a handsome fee in the process. In the era of web 2.0, this is just no longer necessary. We aim to bring this change to study and volunteering abroad.

We created Xploreo because when we tried to find our own meaningful volunteering experiences abroad, we were continuously re-routed to third-party websites or organizations. If you are an experienced traveler, why is it so hard?

Why pay a substantial fee to an organization in Portland, Oregon to volunteer at an organization in Kenya that will never see that money? It seemed preposterous to us, too.

We are building Xploreo to compose a new tune for international volunteering. We hope you will join us in contributing to the future of a community where volunteers can DIRECTLY connect and volunteer with charities overseas in need of your assistance and support.

What if I have more questions?

We thought you might! Please visit our full FAQ Page for Xplorers to find more answers about searching, booking, and xploring. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We would love to help you plan your next adventure abroad! Give us a holler, we don’t bite!