Q: How does the internship/volunteer recruitment process work on Xploreo’s end?

A: Xploreo is not a recruitment company, but an online platform that connects interns and volunteers with organisations around the world. Travellers who want to volunteer or get an internship browse the programs listed and take their pick. Once they make their decision, they can get in touch with you via the messaging system on our website. From then on, the recruitment process is all up to you. You can fill in these details as well as any other information concerning requirements or skills when you register.

Q: How does the matching process work for language tutors and homestay families?

A: Travellers interested in learning your native language or staying with locals while visiting your country will browse through the Xploreo listings and take their pick. Once they make their decision and book the program, they will be able to get in touch with you via the messaging system on www.xploreo.com and you can go through the details together (e.g. time, place etc.)


Q: How can I sign up with Xploreo?

A: There are two ways of signing up with Xploreo:

  1. On xploreo.com go the Become and Insider page from the top right menu. Read through the page, as it provides more information about providing services on Xploreo and then click on the Apply to Become an Insider button at the bottom of the page and fill in the registration form.
  2. On xploreo.com go to the Login button at the top right of the homepage and then click on Register. A new page will open and you can fill in the form and register as an insider.


Q: What is a listing on Xploreo? Can I have more than one?

A: On Xploreo, listings are pages created by our staff, using the information you provided when you filled in the registration form. The listing presents the company/non-profit organisation/homestay/language tutor and what they offer. The page consists of pictures (sent by the providers); detailed descriptions; pricing, location, tags, reviews and a calendar for bookings.

Yes, you can have more than one listing. To achieve that, you can either register twice, but using different email addresses or register only once, and send us the details for your second listing. You can do so, by contacting us at info@xploreo.com or contact a specific person in our staff, to whom you have previously spoken.


Q: How can I edit my listings?

A: The Xploreo website doesn’t allow users to edit their own listings but you can let us know about the changes you want to make and we will make them for you.


Q: What age are the travellers?

A: All Xploreo travellers are at least 18 years old.


Q: Who are the participants? Can I choose which ones to accept?

A: The participants are travellers over 18 years old, coming mainly from the USA, but other countries as well. They may have different backgrounds and different experience. They may be students or graduates. You can choose which ones to accept based in the criteria you present in your program’s description. Once they apply, you can get in touch with them, have interviews and make your decision. If you decide against receiving a certain participant, we recommend you give a pertinent reason.

Q: Are there any costs involved for the company? (internship)

A: No, there are no costs involved for listing your internship programs on www.xploreo.com. Interns will pay a $185 placement fee to Xploreo.


Q: Are there any costs involved for the non-profit organization?

A: No, there are no costs involved for listing your volunteer opportunities with Xploreo. If you have a volunteering fee that the volunteer must pay you. He/She will also pay a $185 placement fee to Xploreo.

Q: Are there any costs involved for the tutor?

A: No, there are no costs for listing your language tutorial with Xploreo. Xploreo will get 18.85% of the fee you require for your courses.


Q: Are there any costs involved for the homestay family?

A: No, there are no costs for listing your homestay with Xploreo. Xploreo will get 9.85% of the fee you require for your homestay.


Q: As an NGO, do we have to set a volunteering fee?

A: The fee is not mandatory, but you can see it as a donation from the volunteer. It can be a small amount of money, or it can cover different expenses you may encounter while having the volunteers there (meals, accommodation etc).


Q: How does the money reach us?

A: We recommend you have a PayPal; Stripe or Skrill account, and the payments will be made directly to that account. It is safer for both sides.


Q: How do you store my payment card details?
A: Your payment card details are stored according to PayPal; Stripe or Skrill policies, and not on Xploreo.


Q: When do I receive my payment?

A:  Payments will be made by Xploreo to the providers’ Paypal/Stripe/Skrill accounts after the 7th of the month in which the participant travels (e.g. Bob books in January a volunteering program in Costa Rica. He will travel and participate in the program in June. The non-profit in Costa Rica will receive the payment after the 15th of June).


Q: How do I decide how much money to charge, if any?

A: It mostly depends on what you can offer to the travellers, what that fee would include.

A.1: For example, if you’re representing a non-profit organization or a company, then you could charge a fee that would cover training, accommodation, meals etc. A non-profit can even see the fee as a donation made by the volunteer to their cause.

A. 2: If you are a homestay family, you can charge a form of rent, depending on what that includes, such as meals, utilities, city tours, cultural activities etc. You can take a look at our website and see what others have been charging for their services.

A.3: If you are a language tutor, try to think how much time you will be spending giving lessons, if you are also going to provide learning materials, city tours, cultural activities etc. and how much that could mean per hour.


Q: Can I cancel a booking?
A: You may, but you will have to refund the participant.