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Pick up new skills or brush up on old ones by traveling to new places


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Cut costs by directly finding an employer, no middleman, no fuss


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Build your resume and your skill set to become more marketable in this crazy competitive world

You've got questions? We've got some answers

Who is Xploreo Internships Best For?

We require that all Xplorers be of at least 18 years of age. Xploreo is especially created for independent travelers who are comfortable landing somewhere new and exploring it without the (sometimes overbearing) hand of a (rather expensive) travel agent or third-party company. We allow travelers to directly connect with locals, without a middleman, and we believe anyone with their wits about them, over the age of 18, can and should engage in this kind of meaningful travel!

How do I book an internship?

You can apply for an internship by entering your chosen internship host’s profile, check the availability for the dates you’re interested and the booking will be added to your cart. After that, you can click on the View Cart button and Proceed to Checkout. If you want to make any changes to your booking, you can click on the Update Cart button.

Who are Xploreo intern hosts? Are they Legit?

Xploreo internships are hosted by local companies. They are interested in meeting and hiring students and travelers just like yourself.

And, they are legitimate! They must pass a verification process that includes an interview and vetting before being able to post their services on the Xploreo website.

Can I rate my internship after the experience?

Most definitely! We encourage you to! Xploreo’s community is built on community knowledge sharing. Have a great experience? Help your host and future xplorers find each other! After you have completed your Xploreo program, please rate and provide feedback for your host and the Xploreo community.